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State of Play 
05:25pm 29/04/2009
  Anybody else see Jason's awesome performance in State of Play? It's one of the best roles he's ever had. When I saw that Jason was in this movie, and then saw the trailer (which had one of my favorite songs, "Unstoppable" by Minutes Til Midnight) on TV, I decided to go, even after being initially disappointed that Ben Affleck had taken Edwart Norton's role. 

Check out the trailer for State of Play here

Jason on The Hogan Family 
08:13am 27/09/2006
mood: ecstatic
ABC Family channel is rerunning episodes of The Hogan Family (8am and 8:30 am). If you've never seen the show, be sure to catch to see a young and hilarious Jason!!
06:09pm 06/10/2005
mood: cynical
when arrdev starts back up again i'm going to put up promotional posters around my school to try to get people to watch it.

i was wondering if anyone had any ideas about a vague and intriguing slogan or line from the show that i could put on the poster to get people to notice it. i was thinking of putting the "analrapist" business card on there, but is there something better/funnier?

any and all feedback is appreciated.
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09:34pm 21/04/2005
mood: amused
this made me all giggly like the little girl that i am.

Just About Jason Bateman!

ps: as long as i'm posting this here, jason's snl repeats this weekend.
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12:30am 14/02/2005
  so i like making my own shirts/sweatshirts for movies/tv shows/music that i like. i sold a bunch on ebay, but this time i'm thinking i'ma make a shirt that says on the back "there's always money in the banana stand." i'll probably make the shirts blue with yellow print...but i'm open to suggestions.

also, the site i use to buy my shirts is customink.com, so they're actual quality shirts, and not homemade silkscreened junk.

anywho. if you'd buy one or have suggestions for other things to put on the shirt, leave a comment. i LOVE this show. there's always money in the banana stand. cash.

x-posted like whoa.
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Jason on 'King of the Hill' 
04:36pm 04/02/2005
  Jason is going to be guest starring on next Sunday's (2/13) episode of "King of the Hill". Sure, it's only his voice but it's still Jason!  
Jason on SNL 
10:09pm 31/01/2005
mood: tired
Jason's hosting Saturday Night Live on Saturday, February 12th.
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11:01pm 23/01/2005
mood: bouncy
Just in case you missed this...

Jason has been nominated for a Screen Actor's Guild award for his performance in Arrested Development.

The show has also been nominated for Best Comedy Series and the cast has been nominated for best ensemble. Unfortunately, as everyone who saw the Golden Globes can attest, Desperate Housewives will probably sweep those categories.

I hope Jason wins, though! I think he has a good chance but we'll see!

The awards air on February 5th *my birthday!* I don't know what network they're on.
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07:13pm 20/01/2005
  Just a test.